What Is Panlife?

Panlife is made of two words. The word Pan means ‘one complete whole’ or ‘across’. And the word life encompasses everything in the cosmos. Pan – life is the awareness of ‘life as a whole’. The symbol of the circle and point represents ‘one and infinity’.

Panlife has no beginning and no end. The Panlife awareness is therefore eternal – infinite.

Panlife is the awareness that all things are connected. All things are linked together as part of the whole cosmos. Panlife is in everything and everywhere. Everything in the cosmos is alive and imbued with life.

You cannot compare Panlife with any other, as it is everywhere and in everything. Everywhere and everything is part of the whole and therefore Panlife.

Panlife is not a religion or a belief system, as they are a man made concept. A religious faith has a particular origin in human evolution. Panlife is beyond evolution as it has always existed and always will.

The Panlife awareness is based on the teachings of Pan Raja. These teachings have been preserved to be handed down to future generations, across all boundaries. The words of Pan Raja contained in the Panlife Teachings transform all facets of human life and give it purpose.

“The Pan Life Awareness contains the awareness for the human species to evolve into what I call Pan Humans meaning whole humans. The Pan-Humanist view includes all humanity as one family; all life forms as one; all of creation as one living organism.”

Pan Raja

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Pan life has no beginning
and no end.