Panlife Awareness

In every age throughout history, humans have recognised their need for help and turned to their religions for guidance. Today the need for help is greater than in any other age.

At this critical time we have reached a point where we become aware of our acute need for help- guidance, not just individually, but also collectively.

Humanity as a species is confused, even lost and needs guidance to find its direction and balance. The irony is that despite all our scientific, academic and spiritual knowledge, we have a crisis on our hands. Why?

What is the cause of the crisis?

The question is; has the human species created this crisis as of our learning process, or have we deliberately set out to destroy the earth and ourselves? Is our species about to end its life span or enter a new era of evolution?

If you look at the human species from an evolutionary perspective, humanity as it stands is in its infancy and has made such a mess of on the planet. The time has come to clean up the mess – grow up and enter the next phase of our evolutionary journey.

This transformation in our evolution can be compared to the development of a human being. For instance when we compare our species in time with the origin of life on earth, some three billion years ago, then humanity with ten million years on the earth is the equivalent of an infant learning to walk!

What humanity needs now is evolutionary guidance at this critical age. On this basis of understanding, all our problems can be seen and solved as part of one crisis – the crisis in human evolution.

The crisis is evolution.
The solution is evolution.
The challenge is to help our species evolve.

Looking back at the origin of our species, it is clear that we have been getting ready for some time to take a quantum leap in our evolution.

Although we can draw on some knowledge from the past, the leap we are about to take will separate us from the animal realm once and for all.

In essence, we are going to become a new kind of species whose motivation is not grounded in survival and competition, but in consciousness and compassion.

To do that, we will need a new kind of awareness. The PanLife awareness will enable humans to evolve into what I call Panhumans. Just as we have evolved from Homo Hibilis to Homo Erectus, we must now evolve from Humans to Panhumans.

During the coming epoch, humans will disappear and a new kind of creature – Pan human will come into being. Their perception of life will not be based on fear and illusion but on awareness and reality. As we move from illusion to reality, the duality that separates us will become unity.

Panhumans will perceive the world as one. Matter and sprit, male and female, good and evil will be embraced by the PanLife awareness that all-is-one. This is the nature of the universe referred to as Pantheism.

The solution to our crisis is in developing our awareness. Each one of has to change the way we think and live in order to bring about this transformation in human evolution. The solution to human evolution and global transformation is to provide each individual with the solutions and skills to develop their awareness.

As each one of us acts according to the new awareness, we produce ripples of positive energy, which flows outward transforming our planet on ever-expanding levels. The Panlife awareness therefore promotes individual and collective transformation through the evolution of oneself.

Each one of us is not a part of human evolution,
we are human evolution.

We are living at the most precious moment in our evolution, as we consciously choose to enter a new epoch. The emergence of the Panlife awareness marks the beginning of a new epoch. At this stage of our evolution we shall use Panlife to overcome the current crisis and evolve.

Future generations will look back from another epoch, another planet, and another dimension and see the emergence of Panlife as the pivotal point in our evolution.

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The more we are aware
of life, the more we evolve
into higher beings.