Gift of Truth

Today, more than ever before, humanity needs spiritual guidance. This message from Pan Raja brings a radical new truth about universal truths.

We start by asking 2 simple questions:

  1. Are there Universal Truths?
  2. Are Universal Truths a gift for every person in every nation?

If the answer to both questions is yes, then all universal truths are a gift to you and me from the universe – God. All universal truths are a gift for you by divine right and you should not have to pay for or buy universal truths. Yet we have to buy universal truths from best selling authors, spiritual teachers and religious organizations.

Anyone who teaches universal truths is a courier from the universe sent to deliver a message.

The truth-teller knows that the truth is not to be sold. And, those who sell universal truths are knowingly or unknowingly stealing from the whole. But is that really true? Yes. Look at the lives of Krishna, Buddha, Confucius, Christ, Mohammed, Zoroaster and Guru Nanak, they never sold the truth.

Why? The universal truth is a gift of love. A gift of love has to be given unconditionally.

“Universal truths are a gift to humanity from the universe.
Those who sell universal truths are knowingly or unknowingly stealing from the whole.”  Pan Raja

It is said that, “the truth shall set you free.”  For the truth to set us free, it has to be given and received as a free gift. Imagine, how free humanity would be if all universal truths were given as a gifts?

So how can you reclaim your gift of universal truths?

  1. Affirm that it is your divine right to receive all universal truths as gifts.
  2. Stop buying or paying for all products which contain universal truths.


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