I Am You

I Am You is a universal truth.
It brings love, peace and unity among all people.
The ability to live this way is developed in two stages.
Awareness is followed by action.

Stage 1: Awareness

I am aware that everything is ‘one complete whole’.
I am not apart, but a part of everything.
I understand that everything is alive and imbued with life.
All life forms and all human beings are connected.
All Is One. I Am You.

Stage 2: Action

The way of living I Am You begins with me.
‘I’ love and accept ‘Me’.
What I do to myself is what I do to you.
The way I live affects our species and planet earth.
I live to help and love.

In seeing you as me, I cannot cheat or deceive, coerce or control,
hurt or harm you as I Am You. In this way, we live in love, peace and
harmony with each other and our planet.


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All Is One.
I Am You.